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A novel approach

“The complexity and criticality of information security and its governance demand that it be elevated to the highest organizational levels. As a critical resource, information must be treated like any other asset essential to the survival and success of the organization. ” — TERRY HANCOCK, CEO EASY I GROUP.

“The rising tide of cybercrime and threats to critical information assets mandate that boards of directors and senior executives are fully engaged at the governance level to ensure the security and integrity of those resources. ” — SHIRLEY M. HUFSTEDLER, BOARD OF DIRECTORS HARMAN INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIES

Organisations today face a global revolution in governance that directly affects their information management practices. There is an increased need to focus on the overall value of information protected and delivered—in terms of enabled services. Due to the high-profile organisational failures of the past decade, legislatures, statutory authorities and regulators have created a complex array of new laws and regulations designed to force improvement in organisational governance, security, controls and transparency. Previous and new laws on information retention and privacy, coupled with significant threats of information systems disruptions from hackers, worms, viruses and terrorists, have resulted in a need for a governance approach to information management, protecting the organisation’s most critical assets—its information and reputation.

Cybernis proposes an online, real-time Business Processes Boards comparing IT Risk Scores to Risk Targets


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